• OptiMATE 1 DUO 4-Step 12V12.8V 0.6A Battery Charger-Maintainer TM402D

    OptiMATE 1 DUO 4-Step 12V/12.8V 0.6A Battery Charger-Maintainer TM402D

    24-7-365 smart maintenance!
    OptiMate 1 delivers precise micro processor controlled charging and long term maintenance. Maintain any type of 12 volt lead-acid battery without overcharging, filler cap / wet cell, sealed AGM (MF) or GEL. Ideal for vehicles that are seldom or seasonally used, or in storage. The OptiMate maintenance program delivers only what the battery needs, never overcharges, never undercharges.

  • OptiMATE 2 TM-420

    OptiMATE 2: TM-420

    The OptiMate 2 smart charger-maintainer is the most cost effective solution for long term maintenance of a 12V batteries in any vehicle / craft that is stored in or outdoors.

    • Smart & advanced features
    • Sealed weatherproof enclosure
    • 24/7 safe long term battery care
    • Global input
    • Charging Amps : 0,8
    • 4 Charging stages
    • 4 Desulphation Stages
    • Smart control
    • Ideal For 3-96Ah batteries
  • OptiMATE 3: TM-430

    • Optimizes battery power and life
    • Saves neglected batteries
    • Safe long-term maintenance cycle
    • Tests battery every hour
    • Recommended by 10 power sport manufacturers
  • OptiMATE 4 TM-340

    The OptiMate 4 battery charger can save neglected batteries, but is even more effective, with a new dual-stage RECOVERY and TURBO RECOVERY desulphating action. This is the best charger for Motorcycle and cars battery maintenance.

    OptiMate 4 is CANbus Ready, this is the ultimate all-in-one tool for 12V battery care at home, that diagnoses, recovers from 0.5V, charges, tests and optimally maintains, automatically. Ready to use on BMW motorcycles with CANbus.

    Charging: Recommended for 12V lead-acid batteries (sealed maintenance-free, gel, or filler caps) up to 50Ah
  • OptiMATE 5 start stop TM 220

    OptiMATE 5 start/stop: TM-220

    Ideal 12V care for START/STOP & Deep Cycle applications.
    OptiMate 5 saves batteries from as low as 2V and will then charge and maintain the battery, all automatically. Perfect for months-long maintenance of any size 12V lead-acid battery from 15 up to 192Ah – deep cycle, automotive (also EFB batteries – start/stop systems), marine, motorcycle…

  • OptiMATE 5 VoltMatic TM-222 8 Step 6V 4A/12V 2.8A Battery Saving Charger-Tester-Maintainer

    OptiMate 5 with 2.8Amps is the ideal all in one tool to care for your cruiser motorcycle, boat or car battery.
    In a weatherproof sealed enclosure that includes wallmounts, the OptiMate 5will diagnose, recover, charge, test and maintain your batteries automatically. Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries from 8Ah to 120Ah, although it can also maintain larger batteries (it will just take longer to charge).

    Charging: Recommended for all lead-acid batteries from 7.5Ah – 120Ah

    Maintaining: up to 180Ah

  • OptiMATE 6 12V-24V TM-194


    The world’s most advanced 12V & 24V battery charger!

    OptiMate 6 12V-24V is perfect for high performance 12V and 24V starter and deep cycle batteries that demand accurate temperature controlled charging and unsupervised safe long term maintenance.

  • OptiMATE 6: TM-180

    OptiMate 6 Ampmatic, with 5Amps of charge current, is an advanced battery saving charger, tester and maintainer for marine and automotive batteries. In a sealed and robust weatherproof enclosure with built-in wall mounts, improved energy efficiency and cables good down to -40 degrees, the OptiMate 6 is suited to all users especially in water and snow markets.

    Charging: Recommended for all lead-acid batteries from 15Ah – 240Ah

    Advanced 3 step program to SAVE a neglected / sulphated lead-acid battery unable to accept charge.

  • OptiMATE Lithium 0.8A: LiFePO4 Battery Charger TM-470

    Unique LiFePO4 battery protection!

    8-step 12.8/13.2V 0.8A Battery saving charger-tester-maintainer

    The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A 4S charges LiFePO4 / LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 4-series batteries with nominal voltage of 12.8V – 13.2V.

  • OptiMATE Lithium 5A LiFePO4 Battery Charger TM 290

    OptiMATE Lithium 5A: LiFePO4 Battery Charger TM-290

    OptiMate™ lithium, the first OptiMate to protect your LiFePO4 battery in a way no other charger did before! The new OptiMate Lithium will protect your investment and guarantee your Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 / LFP) battery will perform as advertised for a very long time.