Eaton XST Home Batt GEN4 New 10kWh

  • Description


When connected to a residential power supply and/or renewable energy sources, such as rooftop solar PV panels, Eaton’s energy storage box helps save money on electricity bills by recharging the lithium-ion batteries when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper, such as during the night. The stored energy is released when demand is high to provide electricity for lighting, appliances and other household loads.

Changing energy regulations in local markets mean the xStorage Home unit can also release any energy back to the grid, via an aggregator, when energy prices are high, offsetting energy bills further.

xStorage Home also acts as a back-up source, ensuring that even during a blackout the lights won’t go out and favourite gadgets and appliances continue to run. At a time when the grid is coming under increasing strain this provides households with peace of mind that they need never be without power.